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Hi guys, need help with using the correct formula. I have come up with this equation but it needs correcting and after searching online i need help.

I want to do If X is less than 5000 then the following eqation to apply: "((17.5% * X) + 950)) plus 20%" ; If X is more than 5000 but not more than 10,000 then the following eqation to apply: "((X - 5000) * 12.5% + 1855) plus 20% ; and If X is more than 10,000 then the following equation to apply " ((X - 10000) * 10% + 2500) plus 20%.

I have tried the IF command as my understanding is that if the first criteria is not met, it moves to the second criteria and so on.

I would really apreciatae if someone has an understanding of excell and is able to do a working equation for the above.

My attempt:

Just realised that this may have been more suitable for the "off topic" forum... shouldn't matter too much


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