Manage Signals In a PDA Tab Instead the current equipable item system.

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I would like to suggest that the "Signal" Item be removed from the game and signals should be managed inside the PDA interface within their own TAB The proposed PDA TAB would function like the ping manager except It would maintain a list of all signals recieved from the communication relay along with Show and Hide buttons to keep the players HUD clean once a signal has been explored. The whole idea of signals being items that you equip makes no sense and seams like something kludged together as a placeholder. Managing a log of signals within the PDA is more realistic method of handling this


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    The thing is, it is a placeholder since it's early access. The only difference between the current signals and how they were when first implemented, is that the current signals need to be equipped on your paperdoll instead of being held in your hand.

    I'm sure they'll be turned into some PDA managed thing next time they're focused on. Everyone agrees that physical signals make no sense ;P
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