Some ideas..... For development

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-the PCF teleporters are activated by a white artifact
-they are made with an ion crystal and two kynanite
-u find the blueprint in the degasi cyclops
-use current exploded model but some weed and stuff added
- cyclops in grand reef, guarded by infected reaper leviathon (have an unpredictable alteration to biological structure - extra mandible)

-u can build specific decoys
-explosive, gas, vortex, ion...

-ion torpedos

- terraforming, transfusers can all be DLCs
- some tiny DLCs can be free, da rest u buy

-there is a external repair module for the cyclops
-blueprint from data on the lab cache
- there are unfinished precursor droids (like the warper repair table)
- the repiar drones models can be the same as the droids
-da river lab cache is guarded by an infected crab squid (same a reaper)

-in the research base, there is a room where u can reprogram warpers
- it is locked by a red artifact
- u get the red artifact in the primary containment facility
- u can disable warpers

Thats all so far
tell me if u agree or disagree
i'm new


Edit: Sorry for neglecting caps
Do you have to have caps after bullet point/lines?


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