[BUG] Lead Texture Expanded {Dev Team working on it}

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In the most current build of Experimental, I have encountered an issue with the Large Resource Deposit for Lead. The deposit appears invisible until you get relatively close (can't say how many meters since it's invisible) then the texture expands to a ludicrous size. The texture has no boundaries, so you can walk through it however it's near impossible to locate the actual deposit.

*Update* *EDIT Pictures are in Spoiler tab to reduce post bloat*
I located a single piece of lead which had the same results as that of the Large Deposits with the exception that the singular pieces will slowly roll around also with no structure or interact prompts. *EDIT EDIT*
Don't know if this helps, but I also changed texture resolution to see if it had any affect which it did not.

Ok so I decided to start up a new game and see if it was a bug caused by and older save (spoiler it changed nothing), something interesting was added though. Pretty sure that's not supposed to be there at the start of the game. My best guess is that some updates dropped that weren't supposed too.

*Final EDIT?*
Looks like the dev team knows about the issue. Will stop updating. :s
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