Xbox 1 - Failing to Save Game

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All this is just since the newest update on April 13th.

I went to save my game the last night and i just went on saving forever. This happened to me the other day and i didnt have time past the first 20 minutes. Last night i was prepared and so once i noticed it taking a long time i let it do its thing while i switched over to star trek and 45 minutes later i was dead as a door nail (Hardcore.)
First game i was saving in base second game i was saving in cyclops
First game was a new save file, second game has 2 saves under its belt
First game i had just visited a ton of new binomes, on the second i had just been harvesting in old areas for hours.

As i type this i'm on my third attempted to get to the main menu from the "Press Menu" Splash screen, at least 10 min each, one upwards of 30 min.

Also had a survival attempt the other day which pretended to save but never appeared on load menu.

I'm just wondering if there is any more info i can get for you guys before i uninstall/reinstall?

As always, Thanks for the great game and keep up the hard work!

Update: Finally reached load menu after second console restart. The hardcore save file i loaded from yesterday is still there.
Stuck in a endless ocean and i forgot my Towel


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    XB1S F;
    I've read other posts from players having similar issues,
    but in my case, I let the save complete before I end the game.
    I am pretty sure that when you begin another activity, SN loses 'focus', or any game for that matter.
    I'm not certain about how long the loss of focus lasts before SN Abends.
    I often turn off my XB when something unusual happens in SN.
    Try to save more often.
    It seems to take longer to complete a save the more you do between saves.
    The game needs to keep track of the 'state of the world'
    i.e. any doors you cut open or repair, any cargo boxes you open, etc.
    Best of luck.
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    XB1S F;
    It happened to me just in the last few minutes,
    I was on the forum so long that SN lost 'focus'
    I turned off XB and failed to sign in into XBLive.
    I restarted XB and SN brought up the main menu.
    I think I'm having a 'busy' network issue.
    Or the XB activity I started is timing out. IDK.
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