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I've gone through loads of videos on YouTube but there not a great deal of help , anybody shed any light on this ???


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    Here's that helpful vague location of the biomes where you can find it...


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    XB1S F;
    Well.... You've found one of the fragments right?
    I am so glad I can use the PRAWN again.
    Here's an Easter Egg;
    Go to the wreck that is South of Floating Island (FI)
    Wait there's more,
    Start your search from the lagoon in the FI
    I've tried to fit a Cyclops in there but it just won't fit.
    The wreck is close to 3 or 400M Depth (MD) and some 400M from the lagoon.
    Did I mention to bring a lot of air? You'll have to right on top of it to see it if it's dark.
    Bearing? Oh yeah,
    Hover below the lagoon, turn to look at LP5, turn back to a Southernly heading,
    add a point or two to the West (a single 'tick' on the compass is about 2 points)
    Decend on that bearing, find the
    and you'll find as many fragments that you need.
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