Disappearing items?

TheDarkSunTheDarkSun United States Join Date: 2016-10-25 Member: 223364Members, Array Posts: 18 Fully active user
Are survival knives considered consumables? Because every time I build one it lasts literally 10-15 minutes then vanishes...whether or not I used them. I'm tired of having to "creep" through the Creepvines to avoid the Stalkers to get the materials just to have to re-do it 50-60 minutes later for the materials I need. Yes I raid the materials and then deposit them, but I am tired of this because the Stalkers wind up following me back to my lifepod and I cant get started on my base yet because I need the Survival Knife for protection...this is making me begin to hate the game...that and the horrendous lag. I swear as another poster said "this is becoming Xbox One's very own personal LAG SIMULATOR". I get lag literally every 2-5 minutes and it lasts anywhere from 5-30 seconds, with one last 3 minutes.
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