Bulkheads cannot be interacted with.

saltyspeculasaltyspecula Join Date: 2016-12-20 Member: 225227Members
After a length of time ( typically 30 minutes after placing the first one ), bulkheads stop being openable. The hand symbol is still there to open it, and I press the correct button to interact, but the character just sits there and doesn't do anything. It will happen to all bulkheads placed at the same time and requires deconstruction of every bulkhead in the entire save file to correct.


  • JackeJacke Calgary Join Date: 2017-03-20 Member: 229061Members
    I've put one bulkhead in my base between my initial Glass Corridor and the MPR next to it and I'm not seeing this. There has to be some other confounding factor producing this bug. Can you recreate this in a Creative Mode savegame? What's the simplest base in which you can get this bug to occur?
  • saltyspeculasaltyspecula Join Date: 2016-12-20 Member: 225227Members
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    Try building a few more in a decent sized base and then go out on a half hour expedition and then come back. That's the usual set of circumstances I find triggers it.

    I don't play creative mode either and wouldn't just for the sake of testing a single bug. Base size/shape/complexity does not appear to be a related issue. It could be a 5 level mega base or nothing but a multipurpose room, a corridor and a hatch. And all the bulkheads at both bases at opposite sides of the map will simultaneously stop working. All bulkheads at both bases must be deconstructed first. Deconstructing and rebuilding just one will just create another unusable one.
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