Great Barrier Reef biome

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Remember the concept art of the Coral Zone?


I was thinking that it would be a really good biome to place on the eastern side of the Crash Zone and goes along it from the Void at the southern edge of the map up to where the Mountains biome starts. The Crash Zone goes down into the 200-300m depth like it already does, then abruptly rises up into a long corridor of corals and caverns that sits near and occasionally breaks through the surface. The Void would border its eastern edge after a short sandy corridor stretching from the Reef. For flora and fauna it could have most of the ones from the Safe Shallows minus the Gasopods, and a few new creatures like the occasional Coral Eater in the concept art


and these guys in a couple of places along it as floating hazards. The Spike Trap could also be here, nestled into recesses in the coral waiting to snag the unwary.


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