Harsh Disappearing of Things

JimmyLanderJimmyLander Bulgaria Join Date: 2016-06-15 Member: 218623Members
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Upon gaining distance from certain entities in the game they harshly disappear in front of me, instead of fading away. For example I've stumbled many times upon kelp forests disappearing/appearing out of nowhere. It happens with everything that isn't part of the hard geometry/terrain of the game for me, although I’ve also seen the ground disappear for other people. I'm not sure whether this happens to me only or if it's a common thing but it's kind of experience ruining.

Update: this seems to have mostly been fixed now.


  • SilveressaSilveressa USA Join Date: 2015-03-18 Member: 202279Members
    I've experienced this as well, along with mushroom forests "popping in" during travel when speeding forward.

    It's more noticeable the faster you swim/drive, especially with speed swim fins on.
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