Need More Anti-llama Methods...

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<div class="IPBDescription">...argh...</div> Now since some of the llamaizing techniques were nuked with 1.03, llamas have moved on to a [not so] new method of being a llama. Blocking resource nodes with irrelevant chambers. And usually while doing so, making a less-useful first technology. This pretty much seals the doom for the alien team.

Yes, I know this was happening before 1.03. But now with 1.03, about 33 percent of my alien games have consisted of some jackass blocking resources nodes. I bet you've tried to make some sort of anti-chamber programming lines, but damn... something has got to work. This is worse than commanders recycling buildings!


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    Pretty easy...can't build Chambers within X distance of a resource node. I mean, a resource node is already an entity; I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to make them "nobuild" to boot.
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