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So, at first I thought that FP was a game which was all about people modding, creating maps and sharing them with the world. But now... I'm not so sure. I don't understand how modding works for this game because it looks more of a platform or apary box with multiple modes and maps for yo to play with and people can edit them into something else. So, is it a modding platform, or a party box which you can make games for. And how does it work? Is there an inbuilt mod engine or do I have to use external software and how will I upload? Also, WHEN CAN I BUY THE GAME!!!

I was a little vague in my first question so I will give a little more description. So, I'm confused on whether FP is a mod development platform where people can create games then share them and their games get put on charts so people can view them easier. Or, is it a party box style game where people play dev levels and people can upload through Steam Workshop but it's not necessary. Or, is it somewhere in between? Can somebody please explain how that will work and answer my other questions or link me to the answers.


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    It's a modding framework. It's about making games and sharing them through the steam workshop for others to play, or mod.

    The thing is the modding is done in game, so you switch between the game world and editing mode in real time. It was still very early in development, but the idea was if you made a mod, I could load it up and play it with you, and we could edit it while playing.

    UWE planned to make official mods/games for players to play, but it is designed to be primarily about user driven content.

    I haven't used it for a long time, but I might see if I can rustle up a little video or something over the next couple of weeks.
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    Thanks! Now i'm even more exited for FP!
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    Shame its been put on indefinite hold. I always felt it had the potential to be a more focused Gary's mod; a platform for hobbyist developers to share and enjoy small games like no other.

    A fully steam integrated game for making games in and if they got the real-time coop game development working you'd have pure gold.

    The alpha was rough but already offered a powerful and extremely accessible base for making and sharing content. there's a lot of people out there like myself who don't have the time to manage all the wider stuff that goes with making,promoting and developing traditional mods/games; People who just want to make small scale silly/experimental games to play with their friends and there's wider audience still of people who just like to play that sort of thing. Just look at Gary's mods player count, and that's in spite of the horrific source engine.

    Fingers crossed they revisit the concept post subnautica because even with all the free engines (Unity, Unreal, lumberjack etc) there's currently nothing out there that appeals to me, and since it being put on hold I haven't modded since. It amazes me someone else isn't ripping the idea off. Whispers from source 2 sounds like Valves trying to do something like that but who knows. Lets just keep out fingers crossed and hope UWE come back to this with full commitment.

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    Someone is developing something similar. I began working on a similar project in Unity myself (eventually abandoned due to the project being too big for me currently), and got chatting to the one man dev team behind Megatect - http://store.steampowered.com/app/369270/ which is a game in a similar vein. Progress on that game is almost as slow as the progress on Future Perfect, so I don't recommend buying the game, but there are others out there who think this is a viable game idea.

    I sure hope the activity in this forum convinces UWE there are still plenty of legs in this idea...


    A video of me playing a mod made in Megatect, and yes I am really that bad at games :P
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