Easter Egg suggestion.

xJoKixJoKi Join Date: 2017-03-05 Member: 228622Members
I had this idea for an Easter Egg:

You put some kind of signal to lead you to the place where this Easter Egg is taking place, doesn't need to be a signal, for example a diver, a colleague left some notes briefly describing this place and you had to figure it out if you want to find it. Once you find the location, it turns out it's a cave, you start venturing, and you come to a dead end, you start approaching the, what looks like a wall, but you notice it's moving. After standing there for, let's say, 5 seconds a GIANT EYE opens and looks right at you, this "wall" turns out to be just the EYE of this giant creature who was sleeping. The creature roars and leaves, smashing everything behind it and covering the hole where his eye once was, not allowing you to follow it.

This could be a really cool Easter Egg, you don't need to implement this creature in the game, just this scenario, a cutscene. It would be amazing to see a creature's EYE, just the eye, so big that you had to back up in order to see it fully. It would open a lot of theories and people would talk so much about it. That's it, if you ever decide to put something like this in the game that would be amazing, thank you.


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