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I like and appreciate any form of light in a dark deep underwater environment. I like flora bioluminescence and fauna like that big electric fishes or glowing crabsnakes, mantas in a bigshroom biome, that awful "teleportators" and their vortex balls and yes, mesmer for sure. It's totally amazing =:) Oh, yes, and crabsquid EM impulse, it's good too :) Fire and electric discharges are also good.
In general i satisfied team's work with light, but there are many frustrating moments.
1. Cyclops floodlight. It's very good when i see on my cyclops from outside and taking nice futuristic underwater pictures. Cyclops floodlight makes a sense of deep and dark environment, that's very good. Also i can use my sub instead of "floodlight" in a base building from a scratch somewhere in ILZ. But what about it's direct pupose? Cyclops floodlight is useless in a journey, isn't it? Cyclops cam with a light is much more suitable, i think. I can just see some plain(!) terrain under cyclops with this floodlights. Have we too much plain(!) terrain? Don't think so. Tunnel to ALZ is the place where it is appropriate but totally useless :(
2. Cyclops cam lights. Not bad, but so... myopic. It has 2 steps of lighting power. Does anybody care about 1st step dimmed light?
So we have awesome global lighting, Incredible awesome view on the water surface at 50 - 150 meters deep with such fashion lightshafts and godrays and awful myopic cyclops light system. I think (may be just me )) ) cyclops poor light is a reason of a bad experience, when user can't "feel the power and immensity of ocean" from inside cyclops. "Subnautica" is not "SOMA", so what for we have theese underpowered lights?
3. Observatories. That's a very good idea. Custom scripted soundtrack for observatory - it's very good, immersive and suitable. But... a light. A light from inside a base and endless reflections in observatory. So at the moment this facility "works" great at kelp forest biome or red grass biome within a daylight for sure. Observatory at ILZ? - forget it. Many gamers know and many ask a lightswitch for bases. Yes, good idea or... we can just build an isolated module near the base (which will be recognized as the same base), crash it and flood it. Voila, darkbase here :) A kind of big lightswitch )))
4. Floodlights and lightsticks. Good, they are good. Batteries with floodlights... must be (to disable them without deconstruction and use for decoration), may be i just wish some more worktime from one charge, like with glider $). Batteries with lightsticks - really? I want use lightstick like a lightstick, like a guidestick and it has limited time of work. Dissaponted. Lightstick and power transmitter anchoring system - not perfect. I'd like stick it to ceilling or to wall. It is possible in theory, but not in game.
ILZ, ALZ and other underterrain places are affected by global light so we have a day and a night underground, not very explicit but it is. Hope it will be fixed with release version.
Dear community. What you think about that?


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