Xone after double update...

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First off after 36 hours and 12 save file loads not ONCE did I lose my file.. all I did was wait for the save icon in the top left corner to disappear before exiting the game. That actually brings me to my first issue tho..

Saving and loading: idk if it's just me but on trying to load a save file I've had to wait up words of 10+ minutes for the file to load and play, I've found the lower my depth is the longer the wait.. in the ILZ I've had to wait almost 15 minutes.

Saving a game as stated above I will not exit until the icon has dissappeared which again depending on time between saves and depth can take just as long to disappear.

And that all hinges on if the game will even load from the dashboard. Some times it has taken 3 separate attempts to load the game. It usually times out and kicks me back to dashboard.

As for gameplay the lag has gotten noticeably better, yet the deep grand reef still remains a stuttering mess of lag and issues. The performance drops so badly that I've visited it once and only once after the game crashed out.

The ILZ and ALZ are extremely hard to navigate do to terrain not loading until your right up on it, the lost river also suffers from this aswell (although it is better) speaking of graphics problems.. I've also been seeing ALOT of black squares appearing over top of creatures. Most of them are the infected versions.

Thank the devs for console commands. Or my progress would have ended right away. The major wrecks are all major wrecks!

Pod 17 wreck, mountain wreck, mushroom forest wreck (near bloodkelp), dunes wreck and the blood kelp wrecks only partially load.. the outter hull is always missing. And none of the frags will load.. meaning no real upgrades for the exosuit what so ever, not to mention base and equipment frags.

The minor wrecks are not much better. A very big portion of them only load the outer hull but all the guts are missing.. doors, frags, PDA's etc.

The cache in the lost river also does not exist (even tho it's in the patch notes as there)

I've also ran into a rather wierd glitch. Once you take your exo or moth out of the cyclops and return into the cyclops (leaving the vehicle outside) your inventory goes missing.. you can scroll around and see the words but nothing else. Once you return the vehicle tho all goes back to normal..

I'm sorry this list is rather long and kind of all over the place. And I don't want anyone to think I'm complaining. I have not had this much fun playing this game since it launched on the preview program. And I can't wait to see what's coming next nor take another stab at another play through!!


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    Lol and we can take screen shots now yey! Just zero way to view/delete them, nor can we actually put them into the picture frames!
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    Xone is still getting updates, it isn't like a PC, so what do you expect?
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    No I know this! I also own it for pc aswell..

    I know the game is in development! Been playing it now for the better part of its launch on steam and day one on xbox one. As I said I'm not complaining what so ever. More or less trying to help and compare to others experiences
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