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I've had a few profile now that get to a point where you save and top left "saving..." stays up there. Trying to save again is greyed out and exit to main menu freezes. hard to recreate.
Updated save before patch, haven't tried a new game but will test shortly.
Maybe caused when in a low FPS situation.


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    XB1S F; Happened to me a lot in survival mode. I just quit SN and reloaded save.
    If that didn't work I turned off XB resarted SN.
    BTW I think OBRAXIS wanted all issues for saves consolidated under a certain post.
    See 'Closed' post for thread name I can't remember which post it was.
    UPDATE; The name of thread is 'MAJOR ISSUE (save bug)
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    Many, many people have had this happen to them and it is a big problem. The DEV's are very aware of this bug and they are working hard to fix it, so i suggest we all stop clogging the forums with these posts as it is already know by the DEV's.
    Good Day
  • hajicasebolthajicasebolt Join Date: 2017-02-28 Member: 228420Members
    Thank guys. Looked at the save issues and didn't see anything that matched this particular issue. Of course I only browsed the top five, time is money after all.
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    I have the exact same problem. Infinite "saving...". I have to stop the game from steam. I'm on shadow PC.
    It happens often and it's unplayable.
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