Alterra is not a company you would want to work for!

awesomeguy101awesomeguy101 Join Date: 2016-06-21 Member: 218886Members
There are plenty of reasons that Alterra is not a company youd want to work for. Here are (more) than a few things about them that prove that Alterra is run by some of the biggest idiots in the galaxy. I would compare them to Roblox roleplays actually staffed by admins. Just worse.

Alterra watches your every move! If you unlocked all the PDA entries in experimental you learn some pretty creepy stuff. The ship has built in recorders that monitor conversations if certain keywords are detected. Nobody can have a private conversation without being monitored. That's enough to be called creepy. They are also not run by nice people. Some other PDA entries reveal that the only way to get into Alterra is to be chosen through a raffle where whoever has the most tickets with their name on it wins. They provide services for your family but if they cant finish your training your kicked out and all the benefits are lost. Harsh. Also MORE hidden logs reveal information about the charter and law enforcement on Alterra controlled planets. From all resources we have we can deduce Alterra is not a nice company.
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