Repairing cyst chains often cause more damage (Un-Intuitive)

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Look at this fairly new guy commanding aliens:

You see that he attempts to repair the cyst chain by trying to place a cyst at the furthest point of an unconnected chain, which leads to all cysts of that unconnected chain being destroyed (which causes much more damage than the marine did with killing one cyst).

Proposed solution: Tweak the algorithm, so that it attempts to keep unconnected chains and re-place the minumum amount of cysts to get the connected chain to the desired location. I suppose this will mainly be a pathfinding problem, and may therefore be performance expensive, but maybe some gamedev-guru can prove me wrong?


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    I've seen this issue raised so many times but I don't think I've seen anyone from the dev team actually acknowledge it; seemingly from a lack of understanding of what the issue is due to lack of footage? Here's hoping this finally gets fixed one day
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    Yeah, a fill in the gaps system would be more forgiving. It happens to the best of us when there is a break the instant you place too, so its not just new commanders who don't know better. I don't know if it still happens, but there is/was also the issue of placing new cysts before the chain is grown which causes the whole chain to be replaced that usually trip up new commanders as well.
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    This footage is very helpful!
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