Amazing, Beautiful Game, Amazing Update But...

harrzackharrzack United States Join Date: 2016-09-11 Member: 222250Members
Devs: SN is an amazingly beautiful game. Have been away awhile (avoiding the crashes) and have returned to check out the new update. I'd forgotten just how beautiful this game is - kudos on some outstanding artwork. Cool new id-icons for things floating round you (seamoth, etc). And the alien structure look gorgeous - haven't found any yet but sure they will be great.

BUT - all this work has been done, and still the Cyclops camera system has the same tired and cluttered view & controls! Couldn't you just a little bit of time be given to taking the redundant "how to work the cameras" message off? Not to mention they STILL obliterate the compass view. Couldn't we PLEASE get some depth hand health data while using the cameras? I can't imagine doing much traveling in the Cyclops and not being in camera mode. And the controls for the cams could do easily be placed in the buttons which aren't active in camera mode.

Now all the hard-core's will start to flame me and say how trivial this is - but I see it as an easily fixed blemish on an otherwise OUTSTANDING game!


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