SEAGLIDE POWER -- energy consumption rate modified (Experimental Version only as of now)

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While scouring thru the checkins i fell on this little entry. Im one of those that uses the Seaglide alot so i took this news pretty happily!

43319 /main 2017-01-19 20:06:25
Charlie Cleveland
Halved Seaglide light energy cost- Quartered Seaglide active energy cost
Removed frame-rate dependence problem with Seaglide energy usage

Looks like they're tweaking this yet again, this time to our advantage. Was this the original consumption rate before they changed it the first time around? cant recall. Hop'ed ingame to test this and it is effectively draining 1% power each 4 seconds (roughly) right now. Also it seems that when the light is on it drains half less power! This might incite more players to use the seaglide if this makes it to the stable version.


  • RequiemfangRequiemfang Join Date: 2015-02-22 Member: 201492Members
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    go on a full blown trip with the thing before and it'd run out in a minute, not anymore. Doesn't last as long as a charge like when traveling with a seamoth but it lasts long enough to get several trips done now if you're deep diving into wrecks.
  • DrownedOutDrownedOut Habitat Join Date: 2016-05-26 Member: 217559Members
    I believe it used to be 1%/5 sec. So, still less, but more than acceptable, especially with the lights eased up on. Looking forward to giving it a try next update.
  • DaveyNYDaveyNY Schenectady, NY Join Date: 2016-08-30 Member: 221903Members
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    I just wish They would give it a slot to hold the Solar Power Charger we can use on the Seamoth.
  • OdeezGamingOdeezGaming USA Join Date: 2017-01-20 Member: 227017Members
    100% Agree with you there DaveyNY.

    I just made this thing and holy hell it runs out fast. I made the mistake of going way the hell out and only realized I was down to sub 50% power almost too late. I am not sure how obsolete this will be once I get a sub as I just started playing but its good to see they are looking into this power drain.
  • MyrmMyrm Sweden Join Date: 2015-08-16 Member: 207210Members
    Yes, I can confirm that the Sea Glide has had a vast improvement in power consumption. I am currently on the latest experimental and created a Sea Glide in my Cyclops, which is hovering 100m above the cliff top over looking the Blood Kelp Zone. My test journey was thus: (intelligent people always use thus in sentences :D ) :smile:

    Cyclops to bottom of deepest part of Blood Kelp zone (journey of about 600m), then back to the surface
    Then to the Precursor island of which I did a complete lap
    Then to the floating island with the two bases on the hill tops of which I did a complete lap
    Then back to cyclops (but not boarding it) then back to the deepest part of the Blood Kelp zone again and then back to my Cyclops.

    At the end of all that I had 4% battery power remaining.

    Light on the Sea Gide was off at all times.

    A vast improvment, and for the better. Thank you devs!
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