gorge advanced movement video (COMP MOD)

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gorge can chain jumps in comp mod to retain speed between slides. there's a more advanced method that lets you go a bit faster. strafe / slide / (steady) turn in the desired direction / jump. do all of that at once, and congratulations. do that every third jump (that's about when the inherent cooldown on gorges slide is ready) and you can go p fast. the speed is going to be reduced soon in comp mod to back to what it was in the original, as it's a bit too fast right now but this method will still exist and give you a boost.

strafe / slide / turn / jump all together. simple.

edit: oh hey check out my other gorge vids. random clips from ensl s07, and from s08 grand finals

edit2: also note in the first video, I did not use this advanced method (video is from before it was discovered) at all and still performed just fine. not required except at the highest level


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