TGNS: get notified when Infested (and other stuff) is happening

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TGNS still plays Infested sometimes and can fire a notification to you (via Steam IM or Pushbullet) when that's happening. Our NS2 offering is 8v8, but we play larger games for Infested.

Opt in or out of any TGNS notifications here (Steam login):

Some other available notifications (cooldowns prevent spam):

- Bots: Bots play is happening.

- Arclight: Arclight play is happening. (Cooldown: 3 hours)

- Server Seeded: Server has seeded to 12+ players.

- Captains: Captains play is happening.

- Server Guarded: Admin or Guardian playing. (Cooldown: 3 hours)
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IronHorse wrote: »
TG's win or lose mod that replaces the concede function is the best of both worlds and should be official.
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