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The current damage model was very confusing for me and everywhere I read about it was wrong or missing huge parts of the logic, so I decided to read the lua code behind it. Below are the results of delving into the depths. It's not super straightforward for me so I apologize in advance if I'm missing something or mis-reading it.

Damage is first multiplied based on the source and receiver:
  • Flamethrower does 2.5 times to flammable things
  • Flamethrower does 1.125 times damage to structures
  • Grenade launcher does 0.8 times damage to players
  • Corrosion is really weird since it only does damage to armor and structure health. Marines take 12% damage, exos take 40% damage and structures take 100%.
  • Nanoshield multiplies damage by 0.68
  • Lerk Umbra multiplies damage by 0.75 against shotguns, bullets (?), miniguns and railguns.
  • Focus adds 16.6% damage per veil if you are using the following abilities: Bite, Spit, LerkBite, Swipe, Stab, Gore. There are exceptions in the code, but they all lead to the same number, as far as I can tell.
  • If you are damaging a structure or exo, crush applies to all damage. The source gets an additional 7% damage per shell.
Vampirism is then calculated if the receiver is a player (exo included) and the damager has vampirism and the attacker follows certain criteria:
  • If a Gorge, not dealing damage with DotMarker, Babbler, Hydra, or anything "biological" (?)
  • If an Onos, not dealing damage with Stomp
  • If a skulk, not dealing damage with parasite or xenocide
    If you met the criteria, the following applies
  • Lifesteal amount is set for any damage you deal based on life form:
    • Skulk gets 14
    • Gorge gets 15
    • Fade gets 20
    • Onos gets 40
    • If you are a lerk, you get 0 lifesteal unless using Spike or Bite abilities: 2 for spiking, 10 for biting.
  • This lifesteal is then multiplied by 0.333 for each veil, so the number remains the same at 3 Veils.
  • Lifesteal only heals you for health, not armor.
If you have armor, damage is applied to armor based on the damage type. No more than 70% of the damage can be applied to armor this way, unless perhaps the reciever is a structure, where up to 90% of the damage can be applied to armor (see below) Any remaining damage is applied to health.
  • Armor fraction starts at 70%, but is increased by crush at this point if the reciever isn't an exo or structure. The source gets an additional 7% armor fraction per shell. So with 3 shells, you deal 91% armor damage, 9% health damage.
  • Armor is reduced by damage based on damage type. Damage types are:
  • Normal: 2 damage = 1 armor
  • Heavy: 1 damage = 1 armor
  • Light: 4 damage = 1 armor
On top of that, there are more exceptions:
  • Structures take a different amount of damage to health compared to armor but I can't quite figure out what that is
  • Babblers cannot take more than 5 damage from anything
  • Gas and poison only deal damage to breathing targets and only to health
  • Nerve Gas only damages aliens and their armor but still has some reductions
  • Poison can't reduce lower than 5
  • Friendlies cannot damage each other, with the exception of self-damage from grenades and splash damage from ARcs.
If you can find more info, let me know and I'll update this.
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