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fresh player here (last play was on good old NS1 :-) - some remarks / questions about the exosuits:

1) I find it a /tad/ annoying that the whole UI is shuffled in the suits.
"Health" is not a bar anymore, instead a number on top in the middle (took me a while to find).
The "Jetfuel" is horizontal and with boxes, instead of a vertical meter. (I thought this was my ammo capacity at first).

Maybe this could be a bit more uniform? I can kind of understand about the fuel meter not on the side (b/c then it would be over the temp. meter), but why boxes? It gives the impression there would be discrete states (like ammo).
Also the single number for "health" is not so for informative then the bar.

Did I not find it or is there no option to just spin the minigun?
Really disappointing because of this added delay (like 1 sec?), it is really hard (impossible) to get that blinking fade, lerk, leaping skull, etc. which are running away.

3) Railguns ???
What are they good for, how do they shoot (apparently they can be charged) , etc? They are not explained at all.

I watched all of the little videos. They are very simple but still helpful.


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    No option to spin the minigun. Instead, you have to learn how to anticipate when they will enter a room.

    Currently, railguns are great against just about every lifeform except onos... pretty much useless against onos. One railgun with other exos is a good combination, because rail shots go through all marine stuff, so if there's a skulk attacking an ally, you can shoot right through them and get the alien.
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    1) Deffinetly some valuable feedback! If you want to do something about it now, then the UI for exosuits can be changed quite a bit with ns2+ options - try and fiddle with those if you'd like. It can feel very overwhelming, but its creator, Mendasp, made THIS, which might be slightly outdated(?). Some players like an immersive experience, others a min/max experience, and so forth. NS2+ can deffinetly help you in the mix/max apartment

    2) You can tap the firing button to start and shut down the spin constantly, thus, when the need for shooting arrives, you should be able to shoot a tiny bit faster.

    3)In addition to BeigeAlert - Rail guns can charge up their guns, but cannot start charging both at the same time. You also cannot hold the shots forever. A simple method to utilise this, could be holding down both mouse buttons and make sure you aim at an enemy when they release their burst of damage, or you can simple fire both at once, by releasing both firing buttons. Rail guns are also quite good against structures, and due to their ability to shoot through structures, you can hit several at once if angled well, meaning you in some cases can out-DPS the minigun.

    Notice when an exo weapon is in effect, you cannot utilise the jet mechanics.

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