Game Request: Save file naming.

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So first things first, I have zero programming experience so I have no idea if this would be possible to include without major changes to current saving system, if it could be done without too much hassle I would like to officially ask that it be considered but if it would take some serious time away from more important game updates I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

Any-who, it would be a nice feature to include the option to name specific save files, that way if you are jumping between experimental and stable modes of the game but want to keep save files separate you would have an easier time differentiating between them, or at the very least include some sort of symbol on experimental mode save files. Think of Fallout 4 and how they at least differentiate between normal play and modded play. At the moment the current system does work, but if you are running multiple play-throughs a little snapshot of your last save doesn't help much when your trying to figure out which picture of you in water is the "Pacifist mode" and the other picture of you in water is "Murder the **** out of the ocean mode". I'm mainly asking because I want to start running with self defined challenges like a vegan play or carnivore play or even just a bit of limited role play. It would make it much easier to label a file than boot them up and try to remember which one is which.

Hope this made sense, if not I will try to elaborate if enough interest is shown.


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    I run have been known to run five or six different games at a shot, changing certain criteria to see how it makes game play different (balancing and such). So I'll have 5 or 6 games, all saved within a day of each other, usually with very similar save pics, all on survival mode... all named survival.

    Needless to say, I actually gave up trying to test balance that way.
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    But you alway have to start a new game. You can not lets say play a game and save it after a wile in diffenrent saves.

    And - which is much more annoying to me...there is no real loading screan for savegames - you have to go to the main menu to load savegames...
  • DarthOmnisDarthOmnis United States Join Date: 2016-12-15 Member: 224970Members
    But you alway have to start a new game. You can not lets say play a game and save it after a wile in diffenrent saves.

    Theoretically, once the game reaches 1.0 subsequent updates shouldn't require a whole new save. And right now, as long as changes they make aren't too drastic, you can in fact keep a save from before that update.
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    This is what I want to suggest! We still cannot name the save files. I however look at this problem as someone who does streams and is TRYING to do videos of this game. I have 3 different versions of this game and I cannot name them. Taking minecraft as an example I name my worlds there Stream, YouTube and private so I know which one I'm playing where. I want to record videos one day a week and stream on certain days. In this game I cannot name my save files and spend precious time I could be streaming/recording and getting the game out there more by trying to find out which of the 3 versions is the one belonging to what I am currently doing. Just being able to name the saves would be amazing from a streamer/youtuber view point!
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    I dont like this idea

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    I have 6 saves, survival, survival (cheats allowed), freedom (no hunger/thirst to relax), hardcore, a survival save I keep for screenshots to keep a log of the story, and creative.
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