[crash] random locations, VR related? (build 941, 14/12/16)

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This happens in no specific location, but more prolific using the small sub. I only play in VR (HTC Vive) so these could be VR specific.

Game often flicks between view and VR 'environment', this seems to be as things are loading? or its lagging?

sometimes, the view flicks to the VR environment, and never returns. This is when my monitor shows the crash dump notification.

My Dx and crash logs are shared at the location below.


Other issues, some I think have been reported:

-inside walls of cyclops missing in some areas (I can see the whole ocean, and all the doors, etc). are the rooms instances?
-small sub (forgotten name already!!) spawns in last known position when exiting from cyclops.
- the default camera position, when piloting the small sub is too low (after seated position reset) I am slightly inside my neck! If you frig this by resetting slightly lower, then you are too tall in the base....
- the seaglide is completely in front of my face! can't use this at all in VR.
- turning up the graphics settings completely crashes steamVR, unplayable.

Had very few issues besides this, amazing work. Fast become my favourite VR title.


  • ApacheSquirrelApacheSquirrel Derby, UK Join Date: 2016-12-22 Member: 225342Members Posts: 2 Fully active user
    Managed to reduce the frequency of crashes somewhat by deleting the caches as advised in the game guide, so perhaps this isn't VR exclusive.

    Found something else yesterday VR related, when using the external cameras in the cyclops, the 'seated position' reset keeps moving as you switch through them. Is there a reset head position in game? this would sort out this minor issue.

    I added to a screenshot to my link above of the cyclops when the walls disappear, there is a specific point that you walk past which adds and removes the walls. The worst part is the locker room, as you have to use this frequently, even if its only to board.

    I realise that the VR community is likely very small here, so I appreciate that you even implemented it in the first place. Cheers.
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    A reset head position would also help with my issue. My menu is well below my playspace and my character while in the seamoth is well below my playspace. Never had this issue before.
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