Some Suggestions for future updates

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I have some suggestions for Subnautica:

- Craftable Nutrient Blocks
- Usefull Coffee Vending Machine - e.g. regenerates health / water / food
- Usefull beds - e.g. regenerates some health
- Useful lab equipment / lab container - e.g. a kind of science update to get more information from flora and fauna
- create some kind of pheromones to draw fish
- create some kind of drugs to tame predators like stalker for pets
- Weather system with rain, wind and waves
- current / steam / underwater vortex
- Regeneration of standard material like quarz / salt
- Regeneration of fish / coralls
- Some kind of map function with markable areas still discovered
- more and different alien lifeforms on islands
- underwater stations with own signal - no more beams needed
- Usefull observation room
- scannable eggs
- drones from scanner room with much wider range
- more scannable items / materials from scannerroom
- signal from empty life pod disppear when discovered
- scanable small shrimps
- discoverable / scannable fragments / wracks of sunbeam


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    Here are some more:

    - secret areas and traps in alien stations
    - more explorable islands
    - l-corridor vertical option
    - more lifepods with equipment / fragment
    - fragments allready scanned should not give you titanium
    - bodies / dead people - it's not logical that you are the only survivor but there aren't any dead people
    - If you eat a melon there should stay some seeds
    - seamoth should be visable and not dark with activated lights
    - useful function for dead non edible fish like stalker
    - useful function for non edible plants / mushrooms
    - creating drugs with mushrooms to get healthy but stoned
    - prawn and seamoth should connectable with the moon pool at the same time
    - connection with cyclops and moon pool / bigger moon pool or moon pool upgrade
    - easier way to get stalker tooth / dead stalker should always leave some tooth
    - deconstructable lifepod 5 / crafted items
    - methane clathrate areas for energy and crafting material
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    What do you say about my ideas / suggestions?
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    Some good ideas... others have mentioned similar. There are a lot. They are a small team of devs so consider which ideas are critical and which could be for much later updates.
    Order it accordingly.
    Rest assured that others have already thought of some of the obvious missing things.
    There is always room for more though.
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    OK - i will sort it an post it in the suggestion thread

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