So.... President Trump?

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Any opinions on him? This may or may not be a partial test to see if this forum is dead...

Some possible topics:
-Foreign policy under Trump
-Effects of his proposed economic policies, whether or not he'll deliver the ideas that helped win him the rust belt
-Foreign policy, including, but not limited to his relations with Europe, the Middle east, Russia, and "CHYNA"
-whether or not laser guns will finally be put into mass circulation
-Trump's predicted opinion on mandatory holograms in all government facilities

And, as always, the thorny issue of squirrel rights.

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    Neutral - I'm in Australia and I feel like any coverage he gets is either biased or uninformed. Generally any opinion I hear is at one extreme or other too.
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    Me: *snaps neck*

    -I am TerranHawk I am also that one guy who post bad pictures and doesn't talk much in school. I am lazy. Sandworm is the best. Why are you reading this. Obraxis is the best dev. Seriously stop reading this.

    2+2 = 4.

    Seriously, STOP READING THIS
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    Obama was an inverted color scheme to the ultimate p[ortrayal. All the things that the general masses accused G.W of being Baraka actually was.
    Detroit... OCP property!
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    The Game Changer - Know how to tackle the Situation - Tracking Kim Jong-un to throw out from this world necessary .. stop the nuclear winters.
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    Smart move, Trump. (sarcastic)
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