Steam Controller for Subnautica

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I just got a Steam Controller (im in australia and they just got released here), it is very weird using a touch pad instead of an analog stick since i have played mainly console for years. Plus I just got used to the keyboard and mouse again. There seems to be heaps of pre made configs for subnautica, does anyone have any good youtube videos / config's they recommend for SC?
The general consensus is that the SC > ds4 / xbox control once you take the time to learn it and customise it.


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    I only ever use the 360 controller for games that I feel like a controller is a superior option, which is very very few. The only two games I play often that I use a controller for is gta online and mgs v.
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    A really interesting talk on controller support for games.

    Developers please take notice and incorporate
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    I got a steam controller recently, and while I'm far more used to mouse/keyboard, I like the concept a lot. The steam controller's weakest AND strongest point is that it is really REALLY configurable. My 360 controller is solid as well, and I know where the buttons are a bit better. The steam controller is going to be different for each config you make, which takes some getting used to, but having the touch pad and a lot of options helps.

    One thing you can do, is when you're touching a pad for camera/aiming control, you can ALSO use that touch to use the controller gyro as a mouse by twisting it around. The pad is for coarse view whipping, then you steer the controller itself as a fine aim.

    is the video that I found.
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    Thanks for that.
    I feel very comfortable with a ds4 as well as a kb/mouse. The SC will take some getting used to. I actually started using the Gyro on R touchpad for portal 2 to start getting used to it.
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    Just don't expect to catch wily peepers with it always as easily.
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    I received the steam controller yesterday with the steam link. I want to play Subnautica on the couch. To my great disappointment the steam controller does not work with Subnautica despite the claimed support. Other games worked perfectly with the steam controller. I've downloaded one of the (best rated) templates but still no response. I search for it but I could not find other people with the same issue. I know it should work though.

    If I hook on the ps4 controller subnautica recognizes a controller is attached (controller tab appears in the options menu). Sadly the ps4 controller does not work properly with subnautica.

    Can anyone help me out here? I think it is related to the steam overlay that is also not working (the steam button is non-responsive in subnautica).

    Many thanks for all answers.
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    Steam controller works fine with steamlink, but for WASD movement you have to set up the analog stick on the sencondary control field. Mine are set to use the arrow keys, but you can of course set it to use WASD, that way you don't have to add a secondary command for forward/back/left/right

    you can set it up in Steam Big Picture mode -> Manage Game -> Controller Configuration.

    I'm using "Just right Subnautica motion controls by @Caracarn
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