P.R.A.W.N. Suit speed ideas

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The P.R.A.W.N. is a really cool robo-suit that can be very useful in getting deeper and excavating materials. However, I think it's a little bit too slow. I have a few ideas for how to make it a faster and more usable vehicle in Subnautica.
And yes, I know that using the grappling hook can increase the speed for a moment, but the problem with it is that it is hard to pull off, and if you mess up it will slow you down. So here's the ideas.

First option would be to just increase it's base walking speed. This would be helpful, but going fast all the time would be annoying. It would be better if you could control the speed you're going at, which brings me to my next idea.
Recently, sprinting has been added to the game. What if we applied this to the P.R.A.W.N. suit? You could hold shift to make the walking speed faster, and also be in control when you want to walk normally. I think this would really help the playability and make the P.R.A.W.N. suit a more viable option.
My third idea is similar to the previous one, but is faster. Instead of holding shift to run, how about holding shift for a horizontal boost? You know, like when you jump, it gives you thrust, but just make it go in the forward direction. This would take off from your thrust meter like jumping, and would make you go pretty fast. If you jumped AND held shift for the horizontal boost, you would lose thrust twice as fast but get a really good distance in height and length. If you have a jump upgrade, you would get serious air time (water time?) and be able to get to farther away ledges. This idea is my favorite of the three, and I'd love to see it in game!

So there ya' go. Speed ideas. Maybe if any of these were in game there would be upgrade modules that would have these effects when put in the P.R.A.W.N. The main reason I see a need for more speed is because when you are driving the suit, and need to get up to a ledge, you'll jump and mostly get vertical distance due to a slower walking pace. More speed would balance the vertical distance and the horizontal, making a smoother ride to that dang Grand Reef entrance you fell off from. Hope you liked my ideas. Thanks for reading!


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    I'd like if all of these were individual upgrades.

    "Mobility Upgrade" would increase its overall walking speed by 50%, walking energy efficiency by 5%, and double its basic Jump Height, making it more mobile on land as well.

    "Booster Upgrade" would add additional thrusters to the hips of the suit, allowing it to perform a "Dash" to move rapidly at the expense of Thrust. Dashing maintains depth/altitude so you can fly over gaps without having to jump. Dashing can be done while sinking or in the "air" as well, giving the Suit a massive boost to its mobility. Dashing is done the same way as sprinting as Scuba Steve. Simply hold Shift and move forward to activate the Dash boosters

    "Hydraulic Optimization" Increases the speed at which the arms move and activate their abilities. So you can punch faster, raise the drill faster, grapple onto things quicker, fire Torpedoes more rapidly, etc.

    Since these would be quite powerful and valuable upgrades, I'd be all for having to find them in wrecks, or aboard the Aurora before being able to build them at Moonpools.
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