Cyclops improvements

ImmortalHunterImmortalHunter Surrey BC Canada Earth Join Date: 2016-10-04 Member: 222853Members
I know the game is in early access/game preview but the cyclops needs

1) Camera Drones could go into small tunnels and explore those hard to reach places.
2) A point defense system like in the seamoth
3) A way to dock the cyclops to a seabase
4) A map station/console help get a better view of the land/seabed


  • harrzackharrzack United States Join Date: 2016-09-11 Member: 222250Members
    @ImmortalHunter: Oh boy! So glad you started this thread.

    My big wish list for Cyclops is for how data is displayed, and how the cameras are controllled.

    First (as I've oft posted) - the HUD concept for data display is just wrong. We need (and should want) an uncluttered view of all the great things to be seen in this amazing world. A Cyclops control panel or dashboard across the bottom of the screen could give is all the info we need: compass, coordinates, depth, depth beneath the keel, health, battery status...

    Then the 5 hot-buttons used for inventory could be switched to camera controls when we enter pilot mode. The dashboard can stay put as we switch cameras (with the buttons), and we would have a very good "situational awareness! Adding remote controlable cameras/drones would be even cooler. B)
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