Habitat Builder Revamp

CAPSHAWCAPSHAW Nevada Join Date: 2016-09-29 Member: 222692Members
I think that the builder is too powerful to be a handheld tool. I think that the handheld constructor is wonderful for interior modifications, such as building lockers and beds. I have trouble seeing that a tiny, battery powered, handheld tool is capable of digging out the earth and building complex titanium structures with integrated lighting, wiring, and draining systems, and simultaneously pushing water out of the way at insane pressures throughout the process. In comparison with the mobile vehicle bay, the habitat builder is too powerful. I think it needs revamp, and I have a few ideas for it:
The habitat builder should be relatively large, like the mobile vehicle bay. It should have a locker for materials, and when built, should come with the handheld constructor as well. It should be able to maintain its position within the water like the waterproof locker. Once multipurpose rooms are unlocked, the smaller constructor, used for making beds, and pots and such, can be used to make a construction panel. This construction panel can have an exterior dock for the construction drones, a single slot dock for the smaller constructor, and a much larger resource locker.
When using the constructor, the handheld component is used to set the design/layout of the habitat, like when a base component is at 0% built, like a hologram. I think everyone agrees that we should be able to decide whether or not multipurpose rooms connect. There should be a bill of materials listed, and what you are building should be based on the materials in the locker. When you select the option to build, it should take some time, and should not be instantly ready. The drones will build the base, and then the base will take time to drain. Once multipurpose rooms are constructed, the smaller tool can be used to create the construction panel using the larger component. This allows the player to have a larger materials store to build more components in one sitting. When building add-ons to a habitat, the same design mode should be used, and once building starts, the base should flood. There’s no reason I should be able to build a window 200 meters under the water and no water gets in at all. This would give players an incentive for building bulkheads, and adds some realism to building for once. This should apply to components including reinforcement and windows.
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