[BUG] Info on Frame rate slowdown (Sept release - Stable)

harrzackharrzack United States Join Date: 2016-09-11 Member: 222250Members
Hopefully this will help solve the big slow-down that happens from time to time.

Log Files Here: http://pastebin.com/c8x43HMa

I Saved the game while out with the Cyclops & Seamoth. I was in the Seamoth - Cyclops near by. I saved the game, then quit to desktop. Returned to game a few hours later. First sign of trouble: VERY slow startup/load time. Once I finally got into the game, the dreaded 'tick-tock' slow frame rate was happening.

I can fix this by building a new Seamoth, (and destroying the old one). After this the Cyclops and Seamoth 'play nice' - at normal speeds. Also if you swim far enough away from the Seamoth the frame rate resumes - you can see the speed change in the blinking buoys.

So I'm beginning to wonder if there is some errors happening on SAVE that might affect the Seamoth. I'm suspecting that the navigation/movement engine used by the Seamoth may be pretty universal in the game - you just need to change the 'viewport' to get a new vehicle.

This will be my 4th Seamoth remake - so it seems to be repeatable. Just not 100% sure if it is the Save causing the breakage or what...


  • harrzackharrzack United States Join Date: 2016-09-11 Member: 222250Members
    Further confirmation of this - after getting the above slow-down, with seamoth in cyclops, I swam a good distance away, and soon redraw performance returned. Then took the seamoth to a deep spot (just over 300m) and went back to Cyclops. It's movement was restored and it would navigate smoothly. Went back to the 'moth, removed all 'stuff' and upgrades, and as soon as I took out the MK3 pressure upgrade - the ship blew up! Be sure you get all your stuff out of the containers so you can remove them before destruction.

    Built new seamoth - both it and cyclops are again running smoothly. WOULD seem there is something common in Seamoth and Cyclops that gets broken... :'(
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