PRAWN Suit storage module removal

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So this happened when I removed the storage module from my PRAWN. I had a PRAWN propulsion cannon arm and a fully loaded PRAWN torpedo arm, along with a few supplies, in the bottom two rows of storage. On the SeaMoth, it prevents you from removing a storage module if there's stuff in it.

From my steam

When I removed the module, it kicked out all of its contents onto the ground, but it multiplied the torpedoes that were inside the torpedo arm by like a thousand.

Maybe not a thousand. I count ~74 in the image, and that's not all of them. I think it also deleted the torpedo arm itself, and the propulsion cannon arm rolled away down the side of the mountain island and fell through the map before I could get to it. The only torpedoes in the storage were the 4 loaded into the torpedo arm. I've picked up the torpedoes and they work. They're not bugged or ghosts or anything. The game replicated each torpedo about 25x.

I guess there's always a danger to using hyperspace to store things, amirite? I mean, Arthur Dent learned the hard way that hyperspace is dangerous to anyone from a Plural sector.

I am in the current stable build, 38227.


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