Game doesn't start on launch

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Whenever i start NS2 on steam it doesn't lauch it just prepares to launch for one second and the dissapear completely and nothing happens. When i tried to run it as admin it gave me 0xc000007b error
I already experienced 0xc000007b error with mirror's edge catalyst but i solved it by fixing my windows update which wasn't working for some reason, but now my windows update works fine and I don't know what to do

EDIT: Ugh, I feel stupid that I didn't red HOW TO MAKE A GOOD TECH SUPPORT POST, i just had to repair VC 2013.
sorry for wasting your time, I could finally launch the game and now I will try if I can flawlessly play.


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    Thank YOU for posting the solution, and not just "nvm fixed it." like I've seen so many other times. :)
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    Hi! I have a similar problem and i am not being able to solve it with ANY of the solutions posted by anyone so far... My last resource is to post here my file hoping that someone with more knowledge will see it and post an alternative solution. Please help!! Thanks! :(
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    I have fixed my problem. 1. In Windows press "Start" button, type "cmd" without "" , right click - run from administrator . In cmd type this - "sfc /scannow" again without "" and press Enter.System will check your system for errors ,it will take some minutes. 2. Delete your videodrivers (i deleted videoadapter from "device manager" maybe it's better) and reinstall fresh with "clean install" . 3. Reinstall "Direct X" from Natural Selection 2 folder (CommonRedist) . 4. Reinstall game . 5. Play!
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    My game doesn’t still work can I please get a refund?
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