A more practical way to find wrecks

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Subnautica is all about discovery and exploration. Yet we are tossed into this alien world with barely a compass, and not a clue that there are 'wrecks' (really debris fields) out there that contain useful stuff. Nothing IN the game that helps create a logical path of discovery.

How about adding the concept that the Aurora was built with the possibility of a crash in mind. There could have been "micro-black boxes" installed throughout the ships hull that would activate on a crash. Then there could be "BlackBox Detectors" to craft and add to the Seamoth and later the Cyclops. The early ones for the Seamoth would have a modest range, then expanding with the BBD-MK2 for the Cyclops.

These upgrade modules would provide a simple red dot "ping" display to reveal the location of a wreck-piece. I don't think this, by itself would make the game "too easy" - as you'd have to learn and gather to build the BBD's, and most likely make some marker buoys to mark your discoveries. The Black Box should be a discoverable item and could either turned off when found (and marker buoy placed). Perhaps it could contain other interesting data - either story-wise or technical material...

One would still have to roam around searching for the Black Boxes/wrecks, but at least there would be some clue that you aren't just sailing right past a key element and TOTALLY wasting time.

With a game as sophisticated as this, one shouldn't have to depend on forums and You Tube vids to learn how to find basic elements of how to move forward in it. Adding an element such as a Black Box adds a plausible way to inform the player and not just 'give away' info. :p


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    I agree. I personally wish there was some way to remove panels with a large builder or deconstructor tool, like for the exosuit, we could use to remove panels from the wrecks. This way we don't all drown navigating that stupid stuff. And considering how poorly the Aurora uses its volume, how did chucks this big fall of the ship and have so much important stuff in them, or have hallways and rooms that close to the surface. This thread just makes me disappointed in how the Aurora uses its space.
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