Salvaging the Ship

CAPSHAWCAPSHAW Nevada Join Date: 2016-09-29 Member: 222692Members
The Degasi survivors managed to nearly salvage their entire ship, right? They did have a lot of titanium to build their base. Now, even though they did not work for Alterra, they had the same blueprints for base-building, so I assume there is a standard for survival equipment. They were able to use their equipment to salvage their entire ship, and I don't think it was the same way the player picks up scrap metal. Can we get a big Prawn mounted deconstructor for the sole purpose of deconstructing the scattered wrecks, and Degasi survivor bases for titanium and glass and such? Not the Aurora, but th wrecks where we find fragments. Can anyone improve on this idea? Or help settle my mind that the Degasi survivors could do what we cant?
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