A Lost River Poem

SeaBuddySeaBuddy Join Date: 2016-09-22 Member: 222511Members
So, I decided to make a poem about the Lost River and the possibility of the Ghost/Phantom Leviathan being in it. Also, I have my own original ideas of how the Phantom would be implemented into Subnautica. I'm not saying any of these things will be in the game, just what I'd like to see if it was in. Even if it's not going in, I still love the idea! So here it is.

When the moon shines bright in a full white shine
The ghostly spectre shall ascend the toxic brine
A decade comes, an egg then lays
Guarded by the Root and the Ghost Rays
Spirit of a goliath laid down and deep
Born in the lair of the Feather keep
A Lost River of dreams is where it rests
A legendary tree is where it nests
If one shall venture where dangers have been
Beware The Phantom Leviathan

So, yeah hope you liked it! Thanks for reading it!
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