Gaspods...Oh my what did you do!?

CaptagearCaptagear Join Date: 2016-08-28 Member: 221804Members
Dev Team,

Ok. So after playing the latest update there is a bug I must report.

Before the update... Gaspod were these beautiful, lovely creatures. Occasionally there would release pods if I got to close. Nice...

Now... They fly through the water at incredible speeds in short bursts of adrenaline! One second they will be swimming along and then BAM! They swim peeper speed for about 2-3 seconds before returning to normal. How is this bad besides visually concerning you may ask? Well, In this speed burst, if you are nearby all the gaspods are joined into a mega gasepod of death. I know because I was killed in seconds by one of these clouds! THEY ARE TERROR INDUCING WHY UWE!! :D:#:)


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