The possibilities of the Mesmer!

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The Mesmer has the opportunity to become one of the most awesome experience inducing lifeforms of the vast ocean! In its present state, the creature creates some very good auditory hallucinations and is also strikingly good looking. Seeing it use its tactics on other lifeforms is also thrilling! :D

On the player however...I think it could be a lot better (not to say it's not nifty atm). I propose an encounter goes something like this
  1. The player enters the fish's personal space and in response, it approaches the player.
  2. When it gets close enough it begins its "attraction mode" to the player as it currently does.
  3. However once it has locked onto the player it begins messing with the player's controls. At balanced intervals, your controls will be misinterpreted into swimming towards the fish. For example. You see the Mesmer and begin to backup, however, the game interprets your controls as instead moving forwards. This goes for your other movement options (Space, c, w, a, s & d) It becomes this real struggle to switch between your controls to escape. This would have to be balanced so that it is more than possible to escape the fish, however, you have to be aware that you are being "suggested" by this fish.
  4. To top the whole experience off, the fish should tunnel your vision towards it very so slightly.
  5. If you're attacked, the scrambler wears off temporarily until it relocks onto the player if they haven't left its bubble.

Anyways, just want to see what other people think :)

- Cheers Capta


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