ENSL Season 10! Signup Deadline is October 13th.

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I've written up a post here, specifically targeting new ENSL players for creating and joining teams in Season 10. If you're new to competitive, or are curious about signups, feel free to message me on Steam, here on the forums, or on the ENSL to provide you with more information concerning Season 10 and gathers.

Reminder that signups are still open, and deadlines have been moved to October 13th, a Thursday. Get ready!

If you're looking for a team, drop by the forums to scrounge together a hearty team of scalawags! Per usual season rules, you need at least six players per team to compete. If you've never competed, don't worry or feel daunted. My first team was for the World Cup, and I just met them as friendly server regulars on Gib's Gorge Hut. It's all about the adrenaline rush of a match!

Gathers are also going strong. If you'd like to experience competitive Natural Selection 2, but don't feel the dedication to joining a team, feel free to register and account for participating in gathers. Gathers happen daily on the pool of competitive maps we will be using for Season 10, many of which are community maps. If you've got that custom map itch, and want to play against the best and brightest, join a gather today.


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