[ SPOILERS ] Tonight's exploration adventure. I've never been so happy to see daylight!

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This evening I managed to upgrade my Cyclops, The Wallasey to withstand greater depths. Naturally, I wanted to go exploring.

I found myself in the Corridor and then the Lava Pit. What a fascinating place.

And aww, look at these harmless cuties who are being hunted and killed by the nasty seal looking creatures. I felt so bad for them, hearing them squeal as they seemed to have no defences.

As I slowly moved out, I noticed one attach itself to my cockpit. How cute! Perhaps he wants to leave this place of death and fear.

Then I saw another wriggling frantically to catch up with me so I slowed down and allowed itself to attach too. Before long, there were six on my cockpit. I wondered if they would stay with me as I carried them to safer waters. :)

Then, it happened.

Note: if you don't recognise these you may want to stop here.
I had already switched out my power cells when I noticed my power level was now in the yellow zone and falling rapidly! I instantly knew WHY they wanted to hitch a ride with me. They were feeding on the power from The Wallasey!

Taking a look out with the camera I found that, sure enough, the hull was covered with them.


My power dropped to zero and with it, my oxygen generation (note: This is rather unrealistic as the amount of oxygen in the sub itself would keep us going for some time, Devs :P) and ability to move the sub. As soon as the power was at zero, the creatures detached and began to slowly move away.

Frantically switching to my charged power cells and dropping expended ones into the chargers I then did a dance of grabbing some air, going EVA and removing the blighters from the hull where they had reattached, getting back in, swapping out power cells again, moving the sub a little, rinse and repeat. It took a while, but I managed to leave them behind. I then had the task of finding my way back out as this little incident threw me off course for a while.

Wow, what a fantastic adventure!

It was pure, classic sci-fi. The cute, benign-seeming creatures turn out to be the dangerous ones who almost stranded me 1300 m down to suffocate to death. :)

Long has it been since I had a thrill like that from a game. :)

Kudos to the Devs.


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