Warpers Original Creature

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Warpers were created by the Precursor race by combining an existing life form with precursor technology, replacing the digestive and pulmonary systems with a type of internal battery, inserting miniaturised phase technology beneath the skin that is connected to the central nervous system, allowing them to phase jump at will, the brain and central nervous system have been augmented with enhanced processing power and remote communications were added. Their main purpose is to eliminate any creature infected with the Carar bacteria including the player itself. They will also be guarding Precursor Bases.
Will we get to meet the un augmented creature without teleportation powers
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    No we won't be seeing them. Reasons connecting to the story is that the original life form is likely extinct due to the time that has passed or the virus. Or the precursors turned all of the original creatures into warpers so that they no longer existed.
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    Maybe we already have...

    Probably not, but oh well.
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    i think its the fades from Natural Selection 2
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