[Bug] Seamoth Upgrade Slots Disappeared! [latest Xbox build]

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Subnautica Version - latest Xbox build, could not find where it was located

Description - Shortly after saving with the seamoth docked in the moonpool, with several upgrades installed 2 storage and 1 peremiter defense and one armor upgrade installed
The game froze and crashed. (it seems to do that after i have been playing a while [hour or 2]. no biggie i just save more often)

When the game was reloaded after the crash the seamoth was still docked in the moonpool. but the upgrade slots on the side panel show empty and when you go up to it to place upgrades inside the inventory menu opens fine but the 4 slots on the right for the seamoth upgrades to be placed in are not present, and thus you cannot place upgrades in it now. the upgrades that were in it are gone. and the max depth is back to 200m

Reproduction steps - as of this moment i have not been able to reproduce the issue as i have not built a second seamoth yet. i have tried reloading the game several times. if it does not fix its self i will likely build a new seamoth but i have not come to that point yet.

- [Second Bug] - The Cyclops Crushed me while being built, it sort of slowly drifted over my head while being constructed then when finished being built it dropped on top of me. killing me instantly.


  • Redwolf357Redwolf357 Join Date: 2016-09-16 Member: 222352Members Posts: 3 Fully active user
    Update: I quit playing for a few hours. came back and when it reloaded again the slots were back. i did not have to rebuild the seamoth after all.

    I still got crushed by the cyclops though.....
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    Old thread, but...I've been playing the xbox one version as well, and have experienced the issue with the seamoth upgrades disappearing, except the upgrades haven't come back, and I am unable to add more upgrades as the upgrade slots are gone also. Upgrades effected: Torpedo launcher, mark1 depth upgrade. noticed they were gone after restarting the game, due to being eaten by a reaper.....
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    This exact same bug is happening to me over 2 years later on the PS4, build 1.06. The slots themselves in the Seamoth UI just disappear. Sometimes reloading makes them come back, sometimes they reappear after some time. When they do come back, all of the modules are gone. This has happened 3 times, losing my max depth upgrades twice and once a full storage module of lithium.

    My workaround has been to take the modules out of the seamoth every time I save and power down. I've just rushed the Cyclops so I didn't have to deal with it and all of the resources it has cost me.
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    Yes the same bug is happing to me as well all the upgrades on my base and sub's keep disappearing am on ps4.
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    Same. PS4. I guess given the span of time, we shouldn't hope for a fix. Such an shame for something like that to ruin such a beautiful game.
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