Abyssal crane building.

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Nothing is more terrifying than venturing off into the unknown. Fear not, for with this, we shall safely descend into any dark crevices with minimal fear. Given that the titanium used in the box or line doesn't get destroyed, or that what is anchored to isn't broken.

This acts as a modification to bases as well as the cyclops (however removing docking capabilities.).

The box at its basic the size of that sea moth compartment in the cyclops. At its largest I'm thinking two square seamoths. The cable can extend one-one and a half kilometers, why do you need so much cable? Well, who knows when you'll need it. Lastly, cage durability is measured as the base its mounted on, this structure by default is an exterior building and requires the equivalent power per 100 meters of depth to 3 constantly running filtration machines when connected to a base, while around 2 energy per 50 meters when on the cyclops. If power were to fail, you could manually enter and exit the cage through hatches on top and bottom of the cage. An automated air tank reffiller restores up to 100 seconds of O2 at the cost of 100 energy regardless of its mounting position. This cage by default has one service locker to transport extra supplies between dock and bottom (should therefore exist) additionally 4 floodlights mounted to each side of the cage, these consume 0 base power, but all four run on one power cell, located in a power box in the center of the cage.

-metal structure can cause electrocution when touched
- should cables snap or the breaks fail, a designated red hatch on the top or bottom is there to aid in entering and exiting the cage.
- You are not impervious inside the cage, smaller fish can slip through the bars, while extremely large fish can break or dent the cable, housing, and or the cage itself.
- Manual repair of floodlights require 0 power to be active or risk of serious harm could occur.
- High temperatures can melt the frame, avoid high temperature areas while in use.
- Metal is easily corrodable in highly acidic or basic there-of, of environments. Check regularly of decay in the cables and cage bars.


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