[Suggestion] Better Fragments!

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Subnautica Dev Team & Community,

I've always enjoyed seeing the fragments within the game. It's been a bit of a "ohh what's that" experience! After a couple of my saves I got to the point where I've scanned almost everything. Fragments just become this sorta 2x titanium.

What if after a blueprint has been discovered the fragments become a sorta "metal scrap" whereas you no longer need to scan them, but instead you can collect them. Complex parts (rarer/harder to obtain) can yield more useful components such copper, glass, lubricants (or computer chips/wiring...but they're broken so I don't know I feel about that). The more basic parts and more frequently found can converted to titanium as they currently do.

The "oh what's that!" factor would maintained though the later parts of the game. You could implement this several different ways, each with their own cons and pros.

In terms of their worldplace and interaction.
  1. The fragments would always be "collectable" and wouldn't be static, acting just as the metal scrap, but would be scannable to yield blueprint. A popup may appear if a player tries to collect an item not yet scanned.
  2. The fragments are static but after being scanned become collectable.
In terms of how you collect these additional resources:
  • Collect the whole chunk and transport it back to the basic for the fabricator to turn into materials (but this would require a fabricator change where one item would make two)
  • When you "collect" the chuck you get metal scrap + extras (i.e. cyclops engine yields metal scrap + copper wiring (or copper).
Sorry for the really long suggestion but I wanted to make sure my idea was conveyed. :-)
TLDR: Fragments yield more than just titanium, depending on the particular fragment in question. They are no longer scanned after collecting all the pieces. :)

- Cheers Capta


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