Discouraging the player from entering the void -- Riptide + Void Leviathan spawn

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I've heard some news that the Void will eventually become extremely dangerous to venture out into. Nice! But it does remain that the surface is likely to be safe... right? Right? Yeah, about that.

I think the PDA should warn you, as you go into the void that an unusual riptide is close by and that you should turn back. If you keep going forward, you'll be pulled underwater . You can fight the tide by turning back and swimming up immediately, but it'll be a fierce current that will drown you if you don't do so.

If you're lucky. If you're lucky you'll drown.

If you're unlucky, or you're in a seamoth or submarine or the like, you'll be pulled pretty far down into the void (until of course you pass crush depth). At that point, a leviathan -- I recommend the Sea Dragon, since that one is limited to one underground biome and is thus not going to get as much play otherwise, or one specially made for the void -- will spawn explicitly to track and kill you. Given that the void is wide open and the strong current is limiting your movement, that's probably a guarantee.

Since I'm throwing out ideas anyway, I'll bring up my void leviathan idea specifically -- it would hate light, a sort of grue leviathan. If you can shine your flashlight/seaglide or vehicle lights on it for a brief moment it'll recoil, buying you a few more seconds to get out of the void (but screaming in anger afterwards, temporarily preventing you from trying that trick twice). If you swim close enough to the surface it won't follow you. If you manually spawn it in a lit environment or just anywhere outside the void, it'll "warp" away like the warpers before you can get a good look at it. It actively does not like being in any biome that isn't labelled "void".


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    currently, the void extends indefinitely and the ocean floor is 3km deep. so, they plan to expand on the map... but don't know what it'll be
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    Wouldn't be too hard to rework the spawns and biomes. I like the idea that the further out and deeper you go, the farther you are from the light-giving surface that the void leviathan would hate so much. I'd also like to give ample warning before the void is properly entered because it is possibly to accidentally enter it while you're not paying attention. If you meet the void leviathan, it should always be totally your fault.

    (and to keep it fair, it would even hate the dim light of that spinny red planet)
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