Implementation of O2 levels notification to Hardcore mode ....

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Scouring the Trello boards i fell on this card

Since almost a year now i play in Hardcore only, for various reasons. I like the fact that when you die its permanent, it makes me measure the danger level of every action i take thus adding to my gameplay experience and i like that alot. In all honesty tho, i got pretty sick of the PDA warning me every freakin 20 seconds that my O2 level is running low....

Im the kind of player that likes to have alot of inventory space so i play most of the time with only one airtank in the ragdoll, sometimes ill add one extra in the inventory when i go wreck exploring spree. Im a huge fan of the seaglide, which takes alot of space so have few airtanks is the best way to go for me.

Long story short, i go under 30 seconds of air VERY OFTEN during any given play session. since ive been playing hardcore for a very long time ive adjusted my habits to this type of behavior and i almost never die anymore due to running out of air but very often its a close call, i make it back to where theres air with less than 5 seconds of air left.

Im sure im not the only one that likes this type of added thrill to the game so Harcore mode, where theres no O2 notification is Godsent for me. I would be very dissapointed if O2 warnings came to Hardcore mode. Not only would it make this mode much easier but it would also become very annoying for me. Am i the only one that doesnt want O2 notifications to come to Hardcore mode? Share your thoughts on the subject my friends!


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    I do agree, hardcore should be made harder, not easier.

    I love the screen going black as I begin to black out, still 25 meters deep, blacker, 10 meters, can't see a thing, 5 meters, just swim, you'll make it, and burst through the surface as I breathe a sigh of relief and realise I was holding my own breath too.

    Or getting stuck in a cave and feeling the panic as I realise I've got 10 seconds left and can't locate the freaking Seamoth, where is it, it was right behind me, why isn't it there, crap crap crap, okay don't panic, there's the light and shadow it's casting on the wall, must be close, there it is! Screen blacking out, I'm dying, swim towards the light...
    That's more exciting and gets the adrenaline going time after time. Running out of oxygen is the only thing that consistently makes me "feel" something like fear as a player.

    It encourages care and consideration and punished complacency. That's exactly what you want from a game like this. Complacency is the biggest danger to real life divers and so it should be here.
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    It would be cool if you could turn the O2 notifications on and off in the options.. I am a person that gets easily lost in the scenery of the game. Watching the peepers swim, how the creepvines move in the current, how peaceful the reefbacks swim their way and so on... I always die after 1-3 hours because I am drowning. And for me I kind of like the notifications of the PDA to be honest - the computer helps you survive from the very start with tips and keeps an eye on your vital signs so it would be kind of irritating if the computer doesn't care about your air. "Oh my god you are hungry eat something but drowning is kinda ok for me."

    But I totally understand your point that the hardcore mode should be very difficult so a simple option to turn the notifications on and off would be the best way in my opinion.
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