Despawning and Respawning: PRAWN Update Isuess (PLEASE Read)

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Loving the PRAWN Update? Great! There are a few issues that have to go with despawning and respawning. In the update they must have loosened the despawn constrictions because I have to sandsharks patrolling my lifepod in the middle of the safe shallows. I forgot about them once and I went from 100% to 40% in about five seconds. There are about 3-4 of them in groups. Please tighten the restraints. In my experimental drill arm rampage they despawned several meters in to the safe shallows. Something like that put back in place my fix this.... Now I love the Aurora expansions and I know they will be fun to explore but I hate bleeders! Those oversized ticks that can survive enough radiation to kill a human in about 30 seconds?! They not only survive but THRIVE! There are about five of them in the first water room of the Aurora and I just started exploring. I think that there are to many. This is in the entire room where you dive in. If there was a limited count in different parts of the ship like dive room-seamoth bay-welder door= 3 and Drive Room= 5 or some constraint on the amount of those things are in there. Here is another thing. When I go into the grassy are looking for fragments I leave with a considerable amount. I come back after 10 minutes of recourse farming to make what these new blueprint require I go back for another search and what do I find? ALL of the seamoth fragments respawned! No others. Just seamoth. I hope you sat through my boring post and have anything to say.
P.S. I love the new update and I am dying to get my hands on the PRAWN Suit. These are just a few bugs that I would like to be fixed soon. This is not hate of any kind.


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