[Gameplay] Food and Farming Elaboration

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Here is the result of some brainstorming I did on that topic. Add your own thoughts, ideas and opinions.
(points in brackets are of low priority as they'd probably require more work than you'd gain gameplay from them)

Growth time based on the time it takes for the nutrition value to deplete and multiple times that (around 4-5 times should be balanced).
Bigger portions take proportionally longer to grow than small portions.
Indoor Growbed can use Sea Treader Manure as fuel to increase growth rate.
Plants in the Alien Containment belonging to the biome of a fish increase reproduction rate.
Depth level and day times influence plant growth similar to Solar Panels.
A Greenhouse Light compartment type object fitting in the center of a MP Room is producing a light level in exchange for power usage.
(Windows create a light area where plants can grow. Outside it they don't grow or only very slow.)
(Placing a Pot or Growbed will show yellow when not in light and green when inside a light area.)
(Growth duration for non-food plants and animals should be increased to fit the new food growth times.)

Diet Variety
Food comes in categories, for example: Fish, Fruits, Vegetables and Fungal.
Each category has a nutrition efficiency ranging from 0-100%
Eating one category reduces efficiency based on the nutrition value of the portion while increasing all other categories by a similar amount.
Nutrition value gets reduced with lower efficiency.
Switch between categories to make the most of your food supply.


  • ElMonstroElMonstro Germany Join Date: 2016-08-21 Member: 221570Members
    Oh... This would totally ruin my regidiet xD

    But the growth ideas sound neat. Special soil to increase growthrate etc.
    And i would add flesh.
    Why cant we kill creatures like tge gasopods and use their flesh for cooking? Heavy fight with a Reaper and enjoy some nice Reapersteak afterwards, ya know.

    The Greenhouse should become a full room in my eyes, necessary for growing parts below a certain depth level. Dunno how far sunkight might reach but lets say below 100m for example.
    Maybe you can programm it for special environments, suiting the plants.
    A shroom needs differents light and nutrients as a melon in my eyes.
    So add a console to the greenhouseroom where you can add certain samples from the natural biome of the plants, to recreate it in the greenhouse.
    Soil-sample, watersample, plantsamples for what grows there.
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